The Brittany Pointe Eagle has landed!  A new addition to the “Wall of Honor” is a beautiful brass eagle which reads “Dedicated To All Our BPE Veterans – May They Always Be Remembered”

Veterans Day Ceremony – November 10, 2019  ***NEW***
Rosie The Rivetor
Video of June 6, 2019 D-Day Ceremony by Mary Ellen Spruell
BPE WW2 VETERANS LIVING Roster June 6, 2019
Understanding the Flag Draped Coffin May 2019
Veterans’ Discount ID Program 

Veterans BPE Pointer Articles, by Bob Berger
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SS John W Brown Presentation Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Veterans Ceremony – Nov. 11, 2018
Veterans Ceremony – Nov. 12, 2017
Text of Talk by Major General Wesley Craig, USA (Ret)
Text of Poem by Walt Stevenson

Click on the link below to learn how Brittany Pointe came to honor our Resident Veterans.

The Veterans Affairs Committee

The Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor on the fourth floor of Birch contains 228 Brittany Pointe Estates veteran nameplates and 185 photographs of our veterans while in service. On the table below the nameplates are the military biographies of our veterans, narratives of our past  honorees and a roster of our veterans which is updated every six months.


Ordinary People – A Tribute to America’s Armed Forces
A poem by Fran Glica  (click on the title to open)

Click here to view a short video that was produced and aired by ABC Channel 6 Action News which includes an interview of resident Nick Charles.


Video of Montco Veterans Affairs – Benefits Presentation – Sept 20, 2016
Video of 2017 Veterans Ceremony – November 12, 2017
Video of 2016 Veterans Ceremony – November 13, 2016
Video of MLK Talk by Howard Snyder – January 18, 2016
Video of 2015 Veterans Ceremony – November 15, 2015
Video of 2014 Veterans Ceremony – November 9, 2014

Information from Government Sources for Veterans  ** NEW **