This page is used to showcase the results of events that take place within the community, currently Bowling, Bridge and Pool.  Other scores can  be added to this page–all it takes is someone to provide the updates to the web team regularly–just tell Larry O’Malley of your interest.


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Bowler of the Week: Joe Grande

Runner-Up: Fran Schmidt





Tues bridge 20141223-2 ed

 Nov. 11, 2019

  1. Nancy Undercoffler
  2. Carol Morgan
  3. Ken Morgan

November 13
Pair                                                                   Score%       Small Slams
1  1        R. Taylor & M. Kraft                             67.46
2  2        L. VanPelt & R. Godshall                     55.56
2  4        J. Eisler & D. Macy                              55.56
4  8        G. Webber & P. Szabo                         54.76
5  7        A. Hahn & K. Garrity                            50.79
6  5        R. Kiesling & S. Thornton                    42.06                1
November 6
Pair                                                                   Score%       Small Slams
1  4        S. Thornton & R. Kiesling                    73.33
2  3        A. Hahn & K. Garrity                            61.67
3  1        R. Taylor & M. Kraft                             54.17
4  7        L. VanPelt & R. Godshall                     51.67
October 30
Pair                                                                   Score%       Small Slams
1  4       S. Thornton & R. Kiesling                     62.50
2  3      W. Meyer & R. Miller                              58.75
3  5      L. VanPelt & R. Godshall                       57.50
4  6      R. Taylor & M. Kraft                               55.00
October 23
Pair                                                                   Score%       Small Slams
1  7      A. Hahn & K. Garrity                              61.90
2  1      R. Taylor & M. Kraft                                55.56
3  4      S. Thornton & R. Kiesling                       53.97


November 15 — The Brittany Pointe pool team went down to defeat 12-9 at the hands of the Traditions Pool Team. It was a hard fought battle every match, but the Traditions team held on at home. Home field advantage they say. Next match at home Friday, Nov 22 against Arbor Square. We will be ready!

October 18 — The Brittany pool team “pointed” the way to another victory Friday against the formidable Meadowood team 14-4. Bill Kesack, John Zbyszinski, Dave Leventhal, Bill Meyer, Paul Antal, Fran Schmidt, Joe Grande and Dick Luoma pulled it out. It was great to see some future pool team members in attendance cheering the team on. Next match is home against the mighty Pennridge, November 8.
October 11 — The Brittany Pointe pool team defeated the Shannondell pool team “with loving kindness”. Bill Kesack, John Zbyszinski, Bill Meyer, Dave Leventhal, Joe Grande, Fran Schmidt, Paul Antal, and Edy Koenig won 14-8. Good job team. Next match is home Friday, October 18 against Meadowood.
September 6: The Brittany Pointe Pool team went down to defeat 10-8 today against a tough Pennridge team. Every match was close. The drama was very exciting in the room as each team fought hard right down to the final ball. Good Job guys. Next match is at home September 20 against Meadowood. Stop in and watch for a spell.
August 30: The Brittany Pointe Pool Team went down to defeat today 17-7 against a very strong Generations team. The team fought hard as always, and most of the matches were close, but no “cigar”. Next match is away against a good Pennridge team. Have a great day everybody!