Featured Widgets from the Pet Column

Be on the lookout for these 2 new pets around Brittany. They are just 12 weeks old.
Meet the Puppies
Be on the lookout for these fluffy bundles of fun! Meet Mackenzie (purple leash), female, and Quincy (green leash), male. They are just 12 weeks old and growing fast.
Rosie is the Shepherd
Rosie, the Shepherd
Rosie: I'll show you around, OK?
Quincy: Sure, that sounds great!
Mackenzie: Where do we find today's menu?

The Hot Diggity Dogs
Clockwise from upper left: Rosie, Simon,
Nacho (Captain), Baxter, Molly S & Abigail.
Last Minute Team
The Cat-R-Acts
Clockwise from upper left: Misty, LingLing,
Angel, Hannah, Elvis & Fritz (Captain)
"Hi, Baxter.Pleased to meet you"  "Hi, Rosie,  I'm visiting my grand-family, Don and Jane"

Making Friends
"Hi, Baxter. Nice to meet you."
"Hi, Rosie, Nice to meet you, too. I'm visiting my grand-family, the Kieser's. Let's run & play."

"As soon as they blow out these candle, Nacho, we can eat some cake!"
"As soon as they put out this fire, Nacho, we can eat some cake!" "I can't wait much longer, Rosie."

"Jilly, let's hide from the photographer." "OK, Grace, you get behind me and I'll be the lookout."

Rosie: "Wow! There's so much to see here. And it says that WE, the pets have curb appeal".


The Pet Photo Shoot is over.  Thanks to all of you who participated with your pets and thanks to our fantastic photographer, Bob Koenig.