Standard Café Lunch & Breakfast Menu 2017
Lafayette Dining Room February House Menu Effective 2/9

Vegetarian Special of the Week Rooted Menu Effective 2/19
600 Calorie Meal of the Week  Whole-Plus-Sum Menu Effective 2/19

Dining Room Dinner Specials and Café Dinner Menu

February/March Culinary Events

Birthday NightTuesday, March 13Wed, Feb 28 at 1 PM
'till Fri, Mar 9
St Patrick's Day
Traditional St Paddy's Day Menu
Saturday, March 17No Reservations needed
Culinary Night
Theme: St. Paddy's Day in Savannah, GA
Thursday, March 22Fri, Mar 9 at 1 PM
'till Mon, Mar 19
Pop Up Dinners
Theme: Indian Cuisine
Wednesday, Mar 28
& Thursday, Mar 29
at 5:45 PM
Bulletin Board signup
Wed, Mar 14 at 1 PM

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