Computer Room

A Computer Room is available on a 24/7 basis exclusively for all residents.  It is located on the main level just beyond the Game Room in the hallway leading to OakBridge Terrace.  An access card is necessary to gain entrance.  In the room are five (5) computers with full access to the Internet and two (2) HP color printers.  The Brittany Pointe Executive Director recently authorized the Purchase and upgrade of two of the computers.  These two computers are All-in-One units with the components, including the speakers and a DVD drive incorporated into the monitor.  These two computers are loaded with Windows 7 and with a little practice the residents should be able to master the system.  The other three older computers are loaded with Windows XP and will be replaced and upgraded to Windows 7 as funds become available.

In addition, all of the printers were replaced with two All-in-One wireless printers, making it easy to print to either printer from any of the computers.  You may also use the printers to print from your ipad or cell phone, provided your cell phone uses the Android operating system.  Several of the monitors are large and have speakers to enhance the sound.  Each of the computers is password protected and you may obtain a password by contacting Robert Burns.  Residents are cautioned not to make changes to the computers such as changing resolution, changing font size or other changes from the current set-up.  These settings are the most common and changing causes difficulty for less proficient users.  Should you wish to use one of the printers, you will need to supply your own paper.

Also there are two computers in the library.  The computer in the rear of the library is dedicated to book and video inventory and is special password protected.  The computer in the front of the library is open to all and does not require a password, however it does not have a printer.  This computer has a listing of all the hardcover books in the library listed by Author or by Title.  These lists are updated monthly and are easily accessed by double clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop.  There is also a listing of all of the videos that are available for loan from the video library.

Submitted by Robert Burns
Chairman Computer Committee