Committees are formed by the BPERA Board of Directors (2018) to help administer the affairs of the Residents’ Association.  The chair of a committee is chosen by the president and the members of the committee are chosen by the president and the chair at the beginning of the president’s term of office.

2018 BPERA COMMITTEE LIST  10-2-2018  **NEW**

Form for Reporting Volunteer Hours is found on the Residents Only Page

CORE Committees

* Indicates governed under the by-laws

* Administrative Liaison Committee – Bill Kesack, Chair

Appreciation Awards (Gratuities) – Mary Day, Chair
2017 Appreciation Awards Information

* Audit – Bruce Baumann, John Kolar, Co-Chairs (2018)
Committee selected by the President every December

Bazaar – Tom Brennan, Alan Lusch, Co-Chairs
The list of Bazaar Sub Committee Chairs is within the Committee List above.

Building & Safety – Fred Wynne, Chair; Rick Izard, Safety Liaison and Co-Chair

Charitable Giving (Donations) – Maureen Berger, Chair; Larry O’Malley, Co-Chair

Culinary – Paul Antal, Chair; Pat Carroll, Co-Chair

* Executive – Bill Kesack, President

Landscape – Jim Hsieh, Chair; Joyce Stemple, Co-Chair

* Medical Liaison – Dick Godshall, Chair
Extensive medical information can be found under the Medical Info tab.

* Nominating – Inge Coleman, Chair (2018)
Committee selected by the President every September

Scholarship Service Awards – Pat Miles, Chair

ANCILLARY Committees

Announcements – Louise Franklin, Chair

Audio Visual Library – Connie Kowalski, Chair
Audio Books by Title
DVDs by Title Nov 21, 2014

Audio Visual Technical – Ken Green, Chair

Bulletin Boards – Robert Burns, Chair

Entertainment – Brian Daly, Chair; Bob Berger, Co-Chair

Fire Wardens – Fred Wynne, Fire Marshal

Intergenerational Committee – Harry Franklin, Chair

Library – Lois Burns, Chair; Mary Ellen Hoffman, Assistant

Lower Lobby Piano – Ken Green, Chair; Bob Taylor, Co-Chair

Movie Selection – Tom Brennan, Chair

Music (Songsters) – Sherrie Irwin, Chair

Plants – Rosemarie Florence, Chair

Resident Enterprise Assistance Chore Technicians (REACT) – Robert Burns, Chair

Theater (Spring) – Jerry Heebner, Chair

Touchtown – Robert Burns, Chair

Township Liaison – Frank Krimm and Barbara Taylor, Co-Chairs

Veterans Affairs – Bob Berger, Chair; Rick Izard, Co-Chair

Woodshop – Steve Sandler, Chair; Robert Burns, Co-Chair

ACTS Programs

Activities, Celebrations, Events (A.C.E.) – Terry Alburger (Life Engagement Coordinator), Advisor and Chair
Dottie Migliaccio, Kay Ewer, Kay Tarantino, Pat Gavaghan, Pauline Moran, Peggy Kolar, Ruth Gunn

Fall Theater – Terry Alburger (Life Engagement Coordinator), Chair
Tom Brennan, Margie O’Malley, Barbara Parsons, Walt Stevenson

Worship – Darryl Lang (Chaplain), Chair
Jennie Barratt, Bob Berger, Martha Foote, George Gunn, Bonnie Hurd,  Eleanor and Harry Latham, Gus Merkle
Worship Committee Information

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