Cable, Phone, and Internet

Cable TV

Brittany Pointe Estates is wired with both coaxial cables for Comcast Infinity television and fiber-optic cables for Verizon FIOS.  Many residents who lived in the area before moving here can easily continue their service when relocating to Brittany Pointe.


The maintenance contract at Brittany Pointe provides free basic and expanded service to residents as part of a bulk contract with Comcast. Also included, as of 2020 is HD technology.  There are added fees for additional outlets, and remotes, but most apartments are prewired for cable in all rooms. A digital preferred tier with Comcast Sports network and others is also extra. Call 1-855-638-2855 for the bulk account number for Comcast.

A Comcast TV technician visits Brittany Pointe every Tuesday.  Sign up at the registration desk for a visit to solve any problems.  [This has been modified due to the Covid-19 Virus restrictions.  Please check with the front desk for help with Comcast issues]


All of the Independent Living Apartments were wired for FIOS service in 2010.  Call 1-800-837-4966 to arrange for phone, cable, and/or internet service in your apartment.


Channel 1979 on Comcast TV broadcasts an in-house television station through the use of Touchtown, a web-based software program.  Brittany Pointe residents maintain this site on their computers with daily dining menus, activities, and announcements about coming events in the community.

Channel 1979 is not available on Verizon FIOS, but most of the Touchtown information can be found here on the Brittany Pointe website.  Most of the Touchtown slides can be seen on the ACTs Resident Portal.  The TV near the dining room runs the channel 1979 content continuously.

 Phone Service

Landline Phone Service

Telephone jacks are provided in the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens of all apartments at Brittany Pointe for landline phones.  Several service providers such as Verizon and Comcast provide service.  Cordless phones can be used as long as the base is connected to a telephone jack.

 Cell Phones

Many residents have cell phones from several different providers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and others. A few residents have only cell phones. Cell phone signal strength is excellent on the top two floors. On the ground floor it is best to test the reception before signing up for service.

Internet (WiFi) Access/Service

Internet access is made available by Acts at no charge throughout most of the buildings on the Brittany Pointe Estates campus via the “ACTS-Guest” server Wifi. Residents and their guests are welcome to access this server via their wireless devices however, it is an unsecured network requiring no password, and therefore transmitted data is subject to access by others. While several other Acts servers may be available, depending on location, such as “brittanypointcafe,” “xfinitywifi,” and “ACTS-Guest_2GEXT” the signal strength may not be as reliable.

Many residents, for a fee, have opted for their own personal internet service from either Comcast or Verizon. Being password protected, this arrangement provides a relatively high level of security and also gives them access to their own personal printer in their apartment.

For those having their own personal internet service, caution should be exercised to assure that when connecting to the internet from their apartment, they are not on one of the unsecure Acts networks. If connected to one of the Acts unsecured networks, printed documents will be produced on the printer in the computer room over near the Game Room and subject to viewing by anyone. So before printing anything you wish to remain private, be certain that you are on your own password protected server.